Tracking Sheet

Tracking Sheet

The Digital Playing Field Has Changed the Way the Game is Played.

If the game of Scrabble had been created for mobile applications instead of a game invented in 1946, there would be no such thing as ‘tracking sheets.’ There would be TileCounter. TileCounter introduces the time-honored strategic tool of champions into the digital age.

Key Letter Alert

Highlights the last of any single letter in your rack.

Key Letter Alert does the simple math so you can stop squinting at that tiny screen and obsessively counting to 'six'—TileCounter counts so you can focus on strategy.

End Game

Why We Count: 'What, exactly, is in my opponent's rack?'

 Why count tiles? As one national tournament champion put it, 'why lose clearly winnable games?' By counting tiles, you can calculate what's in your opponent's final rack. It's not cheating. It's math.

Counting Board/Image Board

Checks and Double-Checks:
See for Yourself

With the Count Board you can 'double-check' TileCounter's results, and use the Image Board to consider your options without having to go back to your game app.

Tile Details

Tile-Crunching for the Data-Obsessed!

Tile Detail delivers the same results as the Tracking Sheet in a numerical, rather than visual, format. Tile Detail also calculates the chances of drawing that letter on the next move.

Created for Players, Not Cheaters

The Secret Elite Players Don't Want You to Know About!

By crossing off letters as they are played, and subtracting these from the total known available, elite players know when there are no 'A's for an opponent to top off a well-place 'JAR' or when to stop holding a 'Q' because all the 'U's' are gone.

TileCounter automates  manual tracking and the simple math for games played on mobile apps, because the smaller board and digital screen makes manual tracking even more time-consuming and error prone than it already is.

And the real secret? Tracking tiles isn't cheating. It's simple math and a standard part of live Scrabble-sanctioned tournament play.

TileCounter Counts. And that's all it does. So if you're looking for a cheat app—look elsewhere.

But if you're looking to take your game to a new level—without taking the low road to get there—give TileCounter a try.


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"Tile-Tracking Gives You an Edge
One of the Scrabble strategies employed heavily by professional Scrabble players is tile tracking. Tile tracking will give you an edge, especially against a player who does not use it." WiseGeek

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Want to Try Manual Tile Tracking?

Tile-tracking sheets are free for the downloading at most Scrabble Club sites worldwide. See how TileCounter compares.

TileCounter vs. Tracking Sheets

Two Australian expert players developed a system to make tile-tracking easier.
TileCounter had the same goals in mind.

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